Evaluating Methods for Teaching Accessibility in University Computing-Degree Programs

Student Projects

This page is an archive of student-produced videos of team projects that students conducted as part of the human-computer interaction classes that were the locus of the educational interventions in our study. These videos serve as examples for faculty at other universities who may wish to include team projects in their course, to replicate some of the educational interventions from this study.

Therapy Match

The goal of this team's project was to benefit individuals with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other mental health disabilities, by pairing them with animals at a local animal shelter. The team wanted to facilitate individuals who were seeking a support animal and to encourage adoption of pets who needed a permanent home from the shelter.


SimplySchedule was designed by this student team to be a centralized system to facilitate the scheduling and coordination for older adults, who currently may be using paper tools (e.g. physical calendars) to arrange their schedule or who may find current electronic calendar applications overly complex. The students' goal was to create an easy-to-use tool, usable for older adults, to facilitate collaborative scheduling with friends and family.


This student team designed an app that would provides basic screening for users to test if they may have colorblindness. The app has a goal of raising awareness about colorblindness and helping individuals determine if they may be colorblind.


This student team designed an app to help students locate tutors with a required skillset, in order to find help faster with their coursework. The app also includes an online tutor option for students to assist each other remotely.


This student team designed a website to enable users to explore recipes based on the food ingredients that they currently available in their homes. The website allows users to quickly add, remove, and clear ingredients from an online listing of the contents of their real pantry.


This student team designed a system to enable individuals who are in need of a sign-language interpreter to connect with volunteer interpreters. The app enabled users to search for interpreters for an event and it also allowed individuals to volunteer as interpreters.

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