CAIR Facilities and Accessibility

Panoramic photo of the interior of CAIR.

Overview of CAIR

The Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research is housed in a research space in room 1620 of the Golisano Building (GOL, building 70) on the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) campus. You can find directions to the laboratory on the Contacts page.

The laboratory has several workstations, desktop computers, tablets, and laptops available for projects. In addition, there is a conference room, collaboration spaces, and informal discussion areas available in the Center.

Researchers working at CAIR.


CAIR has been furnished to be an accessible space for researchers and visitors with disabilities who collaborate on projects or participate in studies. Some of its accessibility features include:

  • Transparent walls between the laboratory and hallway, which allow for sound privacy but permit line-of-sight for users of American Sign Language.
  • Color-contrastive interior walls demarcating different functional spaces in the room, providing useful visual indicators for people with low-vision.
  • Wide access paths throughout the laboratory space and at conference tables, to enable wheelchair users to move throughout the Center.
  • Braille labeling of entrance doorways to the Center and interior doorways to meeting spaces, and Braille labelling of storage locker compartments for student use.
  • Circular, center-facing collaboration spaces throughout the room, which facilitate line-of-sight for easier collaboration by people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Researchers working at CAIR.

Other Resources

The Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences (GCCIS) maintains several computer laboratories and meeting spaces that can be reserved for use by CAIR research projects. In addition to RIT computer resources (including a campus-wide wireless network), GCCIS maintains its own network and computer facilities with full-time computing staff members.  Resources include: e-mail and web servers, networked printing facilities, and a high-speed college network.

Linguistic and Assistive Technologies Laboratory

The Linguistic and Assistive Technologies Laboratory (LATLab) is associated with CAIR, and this lab has a variety of hardware and software resources, which are available for CAIR projects, including a video and motion-capture studio. For more information, please visit the LATLab website.

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