Center for Accessibility and Inclusion Research (CAIR)

CAIR (pronounced "care") is a research center in the iSchool of the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences at RIT, bringing together faculty and students who conduct and publish research at leading computing and education venues, on accessibility and assistive technology for diverse users, including people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, people who are blind, people with communication impairments, and older adults.


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What else is happening at RIT?

CAIR is part of the HCI at RIT research community, linking several human-computer interaction researchers across the campus. CAIR is based in the iSchool at RIT, and several CAIR research projects are affiliated with the Center for Human-Aware Artificial Intelligence. The Linguistic and Assistive Technologies Laboratory in GCCIS provides laboratory space for research projects. The Partnership for Effective Access Technology R&D at RIT (AccessAbility @ RIT) brings together researchers, developers, service providers, industry, and people with disabilities to promote research and development. Our colleagues at the NTID Center for Access Technology conduct applied research and development of technologies to benefit Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at the post-secondary level.

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